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Perhaps you are starting out in business for the first time. Who should you inform? Do you need a business bank account and will you need to borrow money? Can you obtain a grant? Should you form a limited company, and if so, how? When will you pay tax and how much is it likely to be? Should you register for VAT? What are the set-up costs involved?


Are you presently running a business and are not happy with your existing accounting arrangements? Is the bookwork getting too much for you? Are you receiving big accountancy bills but little advice? Do you ever meet your accountant? Are the accounts late? Is the taxman hovering?


Perhaps you are not a business person, but an individual, with shares or buy-to-let properties or some other investments which require you to complete a tax return. The return is daunting … what on earth should you do with it? Couldn’t your time be better spent elsewhere? And will it all have to be sold eventually anyway to pay inheritance tax?


We are here to answer these questions for you.


What makes us special?

We are a small firm of chartered accountants priding ourselves in the ability to provide a complete range of services to a wide spectrum of businesses, organisations and individuals, with personal attention to each client's needs, at a cost which compares favourably with the fees charged by larger practices.
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What we offer

From business start-ups to exit strategies, from book-keeping services to group audits, from child trusts to succession and inheritance tax planning, we offer comprehensive and professional support on all business and taxation matters.
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